The Best Stock Market Memes of 2021

The Best Stock Market Memes of 2021

The Indian stock market has had a wild wild ride in 2021. From uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic to a huge number of IPOs, the Indian market saw it all.

While there is no shortage of in-depth market analysis, there’s always more appetite for humour. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best market memes for 2021, which will help you make sense of the year that has gone by.

1. PayTM sell-off by anchor investors:

Despite all the hype surrounding the PayTM IPO, the stock failed to do well post-listing. The company’s value declined on its debut, and has since recorded a fall of around -35% since it started trading. PayTM’s woes were compounded when several anchor investors sold their stock in the company once the mandatory lock-in period ended. The stock fell around 13% in a single day on 15th December thanks to the lack of investor confidence.

2. High Demand for IPOs:

While there were a huge number of new listings this year, there was also a high demand for them in the primary market. People rushed to subscribe to IPOs, but not all those applied got an allotment. For example, the Zomato IPO saw an oversubscription of 38 times as of July 16th. Needless to say, there were a lot of investors left “hungry”.

3. Surge of interest in Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies:

Cryptocurrencies are famous (or infamous) for being highly volatile. Over the years, investors in cryptocurrencies have gotten used to the fact and anticipate the volatility. In 2021 alone, the price of Bitcoin has gone from $23,379 to $68,925. The cryptocurrency is currently trading at around $51,108. This meme is the perfect depiction of cryptocurrency investors react to this volatility – no reaction at all.

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4. Tata Motors’ Bull Run:

Tata Motors surprised everyone this year. On 29th March, 2020, the company’s stock was trading at Rs. 65.3 while today it is trading at around Rs. 467. Needless to say, the stock has made its investors rich. However, this was a missed opportunity for many investors who couldn’t predict the stellar performance.

5. Flat Performance of ITC:

ITC used to be a darling of investors just a few years ago. The stock gave consistent returns and kept investors happy. It was one of those blue-chip companies that was a part of almost every investor’s portfolio. However, the company’s recent lackluster performance has gotten it into trouble with disappointed investors. The company’s has delivered returns of just around 5% over the past year, which does not even beat inflation.

And the list goes on

If you’ve enjoyed these market memes, here are a few more that we created only for you.

That’s all folks!

Remember to carry your sense of humour while you trade into 2022!

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