7 reasons PHI 1 is a unique algo trading platform

Consider this: While you may trade for a few hours that work best for you, a trading robot is at it for all 24 hours. That is 3, 4 maybe 10 times as much as a manual trader trades the market. This is a great advantage of algo trading. That said, many algorithmic trading software with a variety of features are available in the market, making it extremely confusing for traders to select the right software for them.

Moreover, most of these software have a few features required by traders and lack others. The key challenge that traders face here is that they need to use multiple tools and additional plug-ins to complete the trading process. There are no tools that constitute a comprehensive solution to algorithmic trading. Further, many of the software are also quite expensive.

This not only diverts the trader’s attention from actual trading but also costs them additional time and money.

Here’s why PHI 1 makes for a unique algo trading platform:

1. Advanced Charting For A Superior Charting Experience:

PHI 1 enables traders to plot several indicators for live updates. It provides traders with free access to real-time and historical charts with more than 120 indicators. Further, PHI 1 has built-in data on equity, futures, options, etc, enabling traders to easily analyze multiple aspects of an instrument, saving the time and cost required for everyday data integration. And with the charts in PHI 1 sourced from TradingView, traders get the same zippy nature of charts with the finesse of PHI 1. Moreover, the charting feature is part of the free plan!

2. Custom Screener Allows Traders To Scan And Filter With Ease:

Although many scanners are widely available, filters are usually limited to fundamentals. PHI 1 allows traders to scan and filter their group of symbols on a customized basis. Thus, traders can do screening based on any arbitrary analysis, with parameters based on price/volume action, volume ranks, and many more. Traders can create custom screeners by providing any mathematical expression with PHI 1.

3. Advanced Risk Controls That Most Platforms Do Not Offer:

Superior risk controls are absolutely essential for a trader. PHI 1 allows a trader to add all the necessary risk controls to his/her investments. Unlike other platforms, PHI 1 not only offers standard risk control metrics but also calendar-based risk controls. Moreover, traders can also create custom risk controls during strategy creation. Within calendar controls, apart from day control, traders can also make use of time control, week control, month control, and date control, giving them space to fine-tune their trading strategy..

4. Give Your Innovation A Go With The Multi-symbol Strategy Creator:

While most algorithmic trading software do not allow long and short rules within the same strategy, PHI 1 has no such constraints. Perhaps, one of the most unique features of PHI 1 is that it allows you to build a strategy with both long and short rules. PHI 1’s Multi-symbol Strategy Creator’s built-in data allows traders to monitor multiple symbols/time intervals/asset classes in a strategy to make trading decisions on one or more of them. Traders can, thus, create, test, and analyze multiple symbols/instruments with minimal effort and come up with highly exotic trading strategies in just a matter of minutes. Watch to see how!

5. Go Limitless with Advanced Strategy Creator and Testing:

Traders can devise any type of trading strategy with PHI 1, even if it is an arbitrary idea. This offers a trader the freedom to experiment with several trading strategies and spot more investment opportunities. Most other platforms do not allow custom strategies outside of templates. The few platforms that allow the creation of custom strategies have their own set of challenges like complex data integration or learning an entirely new coding language. Further, PHI 1 comes with several testing options such as back-testing, scenario testing, market crash, etc.

6. Multiple Pricing Plans Tailor-made To Suit Your Needs:

The platform has a lifetime free plan for plenty of services to chart, screen, and conduct basic research on strategies. The paid plans offer many more features and begin with Rs. 699/month with customized pricing for Enterprise plans. Thus, PHI 1 can be super cost-effective for traders. What’s more, it comes with a 30-day free trial for all plans. Other platforms that provide a similar range of features cost a lot more!

7. Robust Support To Ensure You’re Always At Your A-game:

PHI 1’s team provides support with strategy creation if you already have but need help in creating it on PHI 1. Support is also widely made available through our insightful webinars, broker integration, and a comprehensive knowledge bank.

From all the unique features of PHI 1, the one that takes the prize is that it provides a total solution to systematic trading. Thus, PHI 1 renders the trader free by automating the numerous mundane tasks that would otherwise cost the trader a lot of time and money.

PHI 1 thus offers the unique benefit of freedom via automation so the trader is busy trading and not dealing with the peripherals.

Experience the power of automation with PHI 1. Try PHI 1 for free!


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