PHI 1 Core Vs Streak – Comparison between no code algo-trading platforms

Here is a detailed comparison of PHI 1 vs Streak. In this comparison, we are going to touch upon 9 key metrics.

Content Table

1. Ease of Use
2. Strategy Creation
3. Backtesting & Paper trading
4. Signal generation
5. End to end automation
6. Brokers Available
7. Technical Indicators
8. Support
9. Pricing Plan

See Comparison between PHI 1 Core Vs Streak

PHI 1 Core Vs Streak Comparison


1. Ease of use

Both – PHI 1 Core and Streak are extremely easy to use.
They have strategy templates to help you get started quickly
They have an easy to use, form-based strategy editor to create or modify strategies
You don’t have to download or install any software to use


2. Strategy Creation

You don’t need any coding knowledge to create strategies on both platforms.
Both have a powerful form-based strategy creator which allows you to create technical strategies within minutes.

You can either select one of the existing strategy templates to experiment with further or build your own.


3. Backtesting & Paper trading

Both allow you to backtest and paper trade your strategies. You can select the duration, amount, and time interval to modify your testing parameters.


4. Signal generation

If you deploy or paper trade a strategy, both allow you to generate signals basis your predefined entry and exit conditions.


5. Automated Trading

Streak doesn’t automate order execution. You must manually place your orders.
PHI 1 allows end-to-end automation, which means you can even automate order execution.


6. Brokers available

Currently, Streak offers login using these 4 brokers – Kite, Upstox, Angel One, and 5 Paisa while PHI 1 has integrations with only Kite and Fyers.

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This list is expected to increase in near future.


7. Technical Indicators

Streak supports 80+ indicators while PHI 1 supports 120+ indicators.
This list of indicators includes all the popular indicators like Supertrend, MACD, RSI, Momentum indicator, Moving Average, etc.


8. Support

Streak has a robust support system comprising Streak Academy, Telegram Community, and Webinars. PHI 1 offers live chat, chatbots, tutorials and conducts regular webinars to help its users.


9. Pricing

Streak offers 2 pricing plans – Regular and Ultimate. Its pricing starts at INR 690/ month while PHI 1’s Core Plan starts at INR 999/ month.

PH1 1 Pricing

Streak Pricing

Both offer discounts on their annual plans.

Here’s a table of the comparison as well. Please feel free to share with fellow traders!

Comparison Chart

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