Everything you need to know about PHI 1’s Multi-Symbol Strategy Creator

PHI1 Multi-symbol Strategy Creator

Unlock unlimited trading opportunities with India’s first and only ‘Multi-Symbol Strategy Creator’. Read the FAQs to find out more.

Q. What is a Multi-Symbol Strategy Creator?

Using our Multi-Symbol Strategy Creator, you can create, test and analyze multiple symbols/ instruments with minimal effort. These symbols may or may not be related.

Here are a few examples of what you can do using our Multi-Symbol Strategy Creator

  1. For example, you can use your existing strategy, which you are using to analyze an SBI share, to analyze SBI Derivatives as well.
  2. You can analyze the underlying equity and deploy its futures and options contracts.
  3. You can trade when correlated securities temporarily break correlation.
  4. You can analyze all futures contracts for a particular ticker and trade the forward curve.


Q. Who can use Multi-Symbol Strategy Creator?

If you are a trader, then you will love this. This creator is useful for anyone who wants to try out advanced strategies like Pairs Trading or Arbitrage Strategies. 


Q. For what symbols/ instruments, can I use this?

Everything! You can build strategies for Equities, Indices & their Derivatives.


Q. What are the types of strategies I can create using this?

You can create more than 125 types of strategies using the Multi-Symbol Strategy Creator. Here are a few ones to start with – Mean Reversion, Momentum, Day Trading, Multi-Frequency, Arbitrage Strategies, Pairs Trading, Seasonality/Calendar based Strategies, Forward Curve etc.


Q. Can I do a Pairs Trading Strategy using this?

Yes! You can create a Pairs Trading Strategy within minutes.


Q. Can I try my arbitrage strategies using this?

Yes! You can create Arbitrage Strategies within minutes.


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Q. Can I use this to test my strategy for Futures & Options?

You can backtest your F&O strategies on PHI 1 even now. Using this new feature, you can do more i.e. evaluate and analyze multiple instruments together for your F&O trading strategy.


Q. Can I analyze multiple time frequencies i.e. hour & minute level together in this strategy creator?

Yes. That’s the best part. You can analyze multiple symbols/ instruments, time frequencies, together using this creator.


Q. Is this similar to Streak or Amibroker?

Our beta users think it is easier, faster and deeper than Streak as well as AmiBroker. To use PHI 1, You don’t have to download or install anything. You don’t need any data integrations. Unlike Streak, you can create custom strategies in PHI 1. Plus, you don’t need to learn any new language to code your strategies. 

We would love to hear your thoughts as well!


Q. Is this easy to use?

Absolutely. Once we release it to the public, you can register on PHI1 and try it yourself. If you only want to create single symbol/ instrument strategies, you can start today.


Q. Do I have to download or install anything to use this?

No. All you need is the latest browser (preferably, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) and a working internet connection. Once we release it to the public, you can register on PHI1 and start using it. You can use all the other features today.


Q. Do I have to pay to try this?

No. You can sign up and start using this for free. We offer 1 Strategy and 2 Backtests/ day under our Free Plan. You will find more details here.


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Q. I want to try this, but I cannot code.

No worries. Schedule a demo with us, and we will help you out.


Q. Is there any documentation which I can refer to?

Yes. Here you go – https://app.phi1.io/Learn

It features information on the Indicators and Code Guidelines which you can refer to while creating your strategy. If you don’t find what you are looking for, drop us a mail at Support@phione.io and we will come back to you within 24 hours.


Q. Can I deploy my strategies as well?

Yes! You can. Add your broker to PHI 1 and you can directly deploy your strategies. If you don’t find your favourite broker there, drop us a line at Support@PhiOne.io and we will make sure we put them on our list and integrate with them pronto!


Q. I have limited capital. How is this helpful for me?

You can use this creator to analyze your security and use the signals to trade in Derivatives to get leverage.

If you have any more questions, then drop us a mail at Support@phione.io and we will get in touch with you.

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